Sunerya is a sunglasses label inspired by story and romance. This story-telling philosophy has translated into its evocative campaigns, whether it is set in an underwater world of old submarines starring fashion, or exploring themes of love and loss through nature

Inspired by architecture, classic history and culture , mainly to create luminous unforgettable pieces, such as pieces of royal gold colors and unique textured sunglasses to suit our customers needs before all.

It's all about simplicity, but also details within it ! We At Sunerya, believe that the right sunglasses are the key to flatter any outfit. Our goal behind Sunerya is to have specially made or affordable eyewear. It is also important to us that our glasses suit a wide range of women, men and children and that it's also within a reasonable price range. Luckily we don't believe in boundaries that's why we offer a worldwide shipping method , everyone deserves Sunerya's sunglasses , treat yourself because its a luxury you can afford !